“Next” – a new take on the old “it was all a dream”

The actual hotel key board from “”Next”

I finally had the opportunity to see Next (2007), the movie loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s short story “The Golden Man”.  I like Nicholas Cage because he’s a real actor, not just a pretty face.  He plays Cris more than competently, and he is quite believable. Julianne Moore did well in her role as the love interest, but I was more impressed by Jessica Biel’s performance as an FBI agent.  Both roles are strong women.

It was a good movie, but it had little to do with Phil’s story.  The only thing they took from it was the idea that Cris could see into the future. In Phil’s story, the mutant named Cris escapes from a government internment camp and begins spreading his DNA among women, who cannot resist him because of his golden-hued skin.  The mutants are dangerous, since they are superior to us and will have little use for us.

In the movie, the FBI needs Cris to help them foil a bomb plot.

I never did get to a theatre to view Next, but our local history museum showed it in their

small theatre.  The screen fills an entire wall, so it is larger than any television, even a flat-screen set, but it is only about half the size of the screen in a regular theatre.  It was quite adequate for viewing the magical special effects.

And I got to touch the actual hotel key board from the movie, which was generously donated to the Mountain Museum.

I won’t give away the ending, but here’s a hint:  it was all a dream.




Tessa Dick looking at the movie poster for “Next”