Initial thoughts on Black Mirror

I hate to write a negative review, but here goes: People keep telling me how great Black Mirror is. If the first episode is any indication, I’d rather spend an hour clipping my toenails. I had to force myself to watch all of episode 1 on Netflix. Half an hour into it, I was so annoyed that I shut it off and played Farmville for a while. Okay, I get it: the woman’s entire life revolves around her cell phone and Snap Chat ratings. Can we please move on and have something happen? Please? A while later, having collected the stray ends of my nerves, I watched the second half of episode 1. Mostly annoying, with a little bit of comedy. And what did they do to her eyes, and why should I care? And what makes them think that the F word is anything but a profanity? One wasted hour.