Police procedural is a real page-turner

Decades of Doubt

Interesting procedural true crime novel

I received a copy of Decades of Doubt to review, and I found it to be a page turner. The author Eric Wilson is an attorney who represented one of the defendants accused of murdering 15-year-old John McCabe. His co-author John Turner is a freelance journalist and author. This book tells the true story of the investigation of a brutal murder, followed by criminal trials. This procedural book does describe the thoughts and feelings of the major characters, but those characters are real people dealing with real events.

I estimate the reading level at 9th grade, and I do find some simple errors in grammar. For example, it tends to say things like “the pen was laying on the table”, whereas the correct usage is “lying”, not “laying”. Some big words do appear in the text, but the author takes care to explain what those big words mean. Even though the story is told in a straightforward manner, we are constantly reminded of the fact that a young boy was murdered.

The black-and-white photographs in the center of the book can be disturbing, although there is no blood and gore. They do show the boy’s dead body in several positions.

I can recommend this book as a way of gaining entry into the world of criminal investigations and trials. It is entertaining, as well as educational. The authors show us how detectives think and act, as well as how lawyers do their job.

NOTE: The only consideration I received in exchange for my review was a free paperback copy of the book. They did not pay me any money or send me any other gifts.