So close, yet so far

I got a really cool job writing a book that ties in with a low-budget film, but it doesn’t pay much up front. There will be residual income as the books sells, if  I can just get by for that long. The thing is, I’m not sure that I can get by.  The film, produced and directed by the British filmmaker Richard Driscoll, is a fictionalized story about my late ex-husband Philip K. Dick. It looks like a really good project, worthy of attention. The problem is, I just might be homeless by the time it pays me anything. The decent writing job that I had doing product descriptions for eBay came to an end in April. It was temporary, after all, but I had hoped that it would last a few months longer. Then Examiner closed down, so I no longer have that income stream. As a result, I couldn’t make the payments on my Chapter 13 bankruptcy. My case has been dismissed, leaving the mortgage company free to foreclose.

On top of everything else, that mortgage company has been dishonest; they are double dipping. They have been paid through my payments to the bankruptcy trustee for past due bills that I owe them, and they have been deducting the same bills from the payments that I am making every month. As a result, I can’t sell my home or refinance it without paying them thousands of dollars more than I actually owe them. In other words, I will not get any cash for my equity, and I might even have to pay them more than I can get for my house. Even my bankruptcy attorney has not been able to get this corrected. I can’t afford an attorney to sue them directly, and I can’t find an attorney to take my case without my having to pay them up front. It’s the old Catch 22: if I had enough money for the attorney, I could pay the bankruptcy court and stay in Chapter 13 until this is resolved.

I hope that I can get some help from friends around the world. I have setup an account with You Caring, which is like Go Fund Me. Here’s the link: b dick