I know how Milton must have felt

For the past month or so, I’ve been battling failing eyesight. Fortunately, the diagnosis is cataracts, which will be treated by surgery.

Meanwhile, I’ve neglected my reading and writing because it’s difficult to use a magnifying glass on a book or to enlarge the text for reading and then crank it down to where I can find the pictures.

However, I do have some book reviews on Examiner. Nobody paid me to review Velikovsky’s books.  After all, dead authors have even less money than I do.

I will gladly review  your book if I like it well enough to give it at least three stars on Amazon, and you don’t have to pay me.  I just hope that some people will make a small contribution to my Internet connection fund.

Meanwhile, you can read one of my reviews on Examiner by clicking the link below


It seems that Examiner won’t let me see my own profile, so I can’t get you that link. Sorry.