Quiet time

I’ve enjoyed a couple quiet days at home. After finishing my latest writing assignment on Friday, I decided that it was cocoon time. The cats disagree, of course. They keep demanding that I open the door to let them out, and in, and out, and in, and out again. It’s too cold for this nonsense! It’s also too cold to do the yard cleanup that must be done. The weather service says that it will warm up in the next few days. I hope so. I never did finish cleaning out the storage shed because every time I start to empty it out, the rain comes back before I can get it swept and bug bombed. So I have to shove everything back in, quickly and without any sort of order to it.

The devil wind has blown every tree leaf, pine needle and junk food wrapper in the universe into my yard, and the snow and rain have encouraged the weeds to grow. I really need to get a start on the clean-up before it gets out of hand. I can’t afford to pay someone to help me. On the whole, I enjoy doing the work myself. I’m slow, but I’m also stubborn. I just do a little bit everyday, and eventually it all gets done. Then it’s time to start over because the weeds grow again and the wind blows in more trash.

While I’m cleaning out the shed, I’m sure that I’ll find more things to sell,donate or toss out. That will feel good. And while I’m pulling weeds, I’ll get my tomato garden planted. Few places here on the mountain get enough sun to grow tomatoes, but my yard has a couple sunny spots.

I hope summer comes early this year. I need some warm weather.