Please help a starving author

The term starving author applies here. Earlier this year, I asked a community service organization to fix my leaky roof for me. Instead, the volunteers ransacked my storage, taking what they claim was trash. What they actually took was things of value, antiques and collectibles that I was cleaning up and repairing to sell. They left plenty of trash for me to deal with. On top of that, they never even scheduled the roof repair and tree trimming that I desperately needed, so I had to go into debt and get temporary fixes done. I couldn’t beg or borrow enough to get permanent repairs done, but at least the tree branches are no longer rubbing on the roof and it isn’t leaking as much with the temporary patch in place.

Meanwhile, my efforts to earn enough money to pay the bills have kept me from writing. Readers of my murder mystery Murder Lies keep pestering me to finish writing the sequel Murder Bleeds. I really want to get it written, but I’m busy making jam to sell to friends and neighbors, scouring yard sales and thrift shops for things that I can resell, and now making artificial flowers from feathers. I plan to display them better and get a better photo, but here’s an idea of what they look like:

20151024_123718 (1)

My science fiction novel Fallen Angels needs a sequel, too.

I think I’ve recovered from my brain injury as much as I’m ever going to recover. I simply haven’t recovered from the loss of work and income that went with it.

Please help a starving author pay a few bills, so I can get back to writing. I’ve managed to cover the bills for the first of November, but I have nothing left for December.  My expenses are not that much, just about $650 a month for everything, but I’m totally tapped out. Please help if you can.

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