The Care and Feeding of Nightmares

First the disclosure: I received a free eBook in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any money or other consideration. This book is well worth reading, and I enjoyed it. Randall Schanze’s story collection The Care and Feeding of Nightmares takes us on a journey through many faces of evil.

A vampire with moral scruples searches for a real psychic who can give him answers about the afterlife. The Devil tries to convince a youth pastor that she is not the evil being he imagines, but a servant of God. An off-world colonist visits Mother Earth , only to find that environmentalism has become a pagan religion. A space traveler searching for a monastery finds a nunnery instead, and there’s this dog. . . . Fans of horror and science fiction will either devour this book or savor it as a gourmet meal.

As a recovering English teacher, I had to overlook a few typos, but that was easy because the tales are so engrossing.  They bring insight without preaching or teaching. You can gain wisdom from them or simply enjoy the stories. Your choice.

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