Where I get my ideas for recipes

My little book A Cookbook for the Kitchen Challenged by the Kitchen Challenged came mostly from family recipes, plus my own experiments in the kitchen. My second cookbook, which is still in the works, requires more research. I’ve started reading a few cookbooks and trying the recipes. Of course, I will include more recipes handed down in my family, but I will also add a few from other books, after I try them for myself. I expect to have more kitchen failures than successes because I’m kitchen challenged. Only my successes will be included in my book.

Here are a few of my sources:

Sensational Sauces Liven Up the Most Modest Meals

by Amna Fadel

A tasty sauce can make the plainest food taste like a gourmet treat. This book even includes chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. I was able to successfully make sweet and sour sauce, too. It starts with gravy and then works its way through a variety of flavors.


World Famous Empanadas

by Amna Fadel

Empanadas are sandwiches or pies, I’m not sure which. Anyway, they are a great way to make savory food that you can eat with your hands. This book shows how to make them with almost any kind of meat, kind of like a pot pie that you can eat without a fork.

Off the Grid Gourmet

by Danny Gansneder

This book is really cool!  It shows you how to cook when you’re out camping, or at home when the power goes out. Even kitchen-challenged cooks like me can turn out tasty meals using these recipes.

DISCLAIMER:  I am still trying out the recipes in these books. I was NOT paid to review them. I do make a few pennies if you buy one of these books through my link.