You better not pout

They used to call it Christmas in April. Now they call it Rebuilding Day. For me it was Destruction Day. When I applied to Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities, my number one wish was to get the tree branches trimmed away from my roof. Nearly two months later, that work has not been done and will not be done. You see, I had the nerve to complain about the things of mine that the volunteers stole. I assume that some of those things went into the dumpster that was hauled away before I realized that some of my things were missing.  They were not supposed to throw out any of my things, and they certainly were not to take off with my spade and push broom.

Santa really let me down, and his elves turned into trolls. They assumed that their job was to decide which of my things I am allowed to keep. Sadly most of the volunteers from St. Richards Episcopal Church were wonderful, but in this case, a few bad apples turned my dream into a nightmare.

So now, because I had the nerve to complain, the volunteers are “upset” and do not want to help me. Never mind that I feel used and abused, and that they stole things that I had planned to either use or sell, things of value. In fact, they took some of my lumber, garden tools, trellises, garden stakes and other gardening supplies. I grow tomatoes every year, and I cannot afford to buy new supplies. My friends will be disappointed when I tell them that I couldn’t grow enough tomatoes to share with them. I also lost things that I had bought at yard sales and thrift shops for resale at a profit. I need every penny that I can get from yard sales and consignment shops. I’m flat broke.

The thing that hurts the most, I suppose, is that they threw out my garden sign, which I specifically put aside when I saw it headed toward the dumpster. I told them that I was keeping it. The paint was faded, but I have paint and brushes to touch it up:



The thing is, I never asked them to throw anything in the dumpster. In fact, I specifically told them not to touch anything in my driveway. I had pulled things out of my shed, as I do every spring, so I could clean and bug bomb my shed before putting things back. Since we kept getting rain, I covered the things in my driveway with tarps to wait for a sunny day or two. The odd thing is that I have to throw out many of the things that they left behind. They took the tarps off to cover other things that did not need tarps, and they left my shed door wide open to the rain and critters.

After ripping out the deck, they left me without a porch for three weeks, and then they built a porch that I have to get ripped out and replaced. It is unstable and unsafe,. It actually moves, especially when it rains. Since it is simply some wooden beams sitting on the ground, it soaks up water like a wick, and the beams move around in the mud. Furthermore, it is slanted toward the house, so rain water will sit against the wall and rot my house. And the beams that were stacked up will rot away, too, since they will remain wet long after the rain has gone away.

2015May 017

Looking back, I wish that I had never asked for help. I got the evil Santa, and his elves left me worse off than before. .

Sure wish I could afford to get those tree branches trimmed. They are a terrible fire hazard.  I already have a Go Fund Me account that never reached its goal. A good friend gave me this computer, which was my original goal, but now I need money for tree trimming. I’d also like to visit my husband’s grave. I’ve never been there. The photos people sent me look good, but it isn’t the same as being there. He’s buried a couple thousand miles away, and I can’t afford the trip.

If you can help, my address is:

Tessa Dick, PO Box 1942, Crestline, California 92325 USA

Please help me get these tree branches trimmed.