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Writing takes time, and that means time without pay.  This is especially true when the writing involves research.  Well, I’ve been doing both, writing and researching.   This all came to a stop when my computer died and all I could do was use this little toy eBook that has glitches and is close to death.  Well, my computer woes should be over in about a week, when I get a new used computer.

However, my income has crashed to almost nothing for the past three months since I could not do much on the computer.  In fact, I am barely able to get on the Internet.  I do my weekly radio show by telephone because I can’t do Skype, Google Voice, YouTube or anything with audio on this toy computer.

On top of that, the winter heating bills started early this year, no doubt due to “global warming”, so the heating bills are killing me.  I have no more savings, and I have been trying to beg and borrow enough to pay the December bills.  I’d like to have enough to buy some books that I can’t get from the library.  My latest writing projects require a great deal of research.

I live frugally, but the bare minimum just to keep a roof over my head and the lights on is $600 a month.  I now have $300, which means that I am only halfway there, and December is only two weeks away.  So how about  a little support here?  You can find my books on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle.  Just search the “books” category for my name “Tessa Dick”.

Or you could send a donation by Paypal to

or by mail to PO Box 1942, Crestline, CA 92325-1942

Every penny helps to keep this writer writing.

Thank you so much!