Radio Free Albemuth going international

According to ReleaseWire, Global Genesis Group now owns exclusive international rights to the  award-winning movie Radio Free Albemuth, a film based on Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same title.  Omar Kaczmarczyk Global IP Manager of Global Genesis Group, said “this is an absolute coup for GGG to obtain the exclusive international rights to a film based on a novel from Philip K. Dick, one of the worlds most acclaimed sic fi novelists. Radio Free Albemuth has truly been embraced by his core fans.”


In fact, it is arguably the best of the many films which have been based on Phil Dick’s stories and novels.  Moreover, it is available for download on Yekra, and I would be extremely grateful if you used my link below to purchase it.  That would help to fund my work in radio and publishing.

The movie has plenty of action and suspense, but it is primarily an idea-based story, reflecting the director’s interpretation of what the novel revealed about our world.  I believe that the director got it right.