UBIK movie, to be or not to be?

The media keep saying that a movie of Philip K. Dick’s  novel UBIK is in the works, but director Michel Gondry says that his team has trouble writing a screenplay for it.  They claim that the novel is “too literary”.  I disagree, so as a mental exercise, I began imagining a movie of UBIK.

First, we have an actual explosion in the novel, so there is no need to write one in to a more kind and gentle story, as so often happens with the PKD movies.  Then we have a murder mystery, which is complicated because we can’t be certain who was killed and who survived.  Did Glen Runciter die in the explosion, or did all the others die, while Runciter survived?  Finally, we don’t know who did the dastardly deed.  The prime candidate is interplanetary financier Stanton Mick, but Joe Chip believes that it was Ray Hollis, the chief business rival of Runciter Associates.

I propose a scenario in which we have Joe Chip as unwitting suicide bomber, still walking around.  He runs the company, now that Glen Runciter is in cryogenic storage and uncommunicative.   Joe watches the world around him deteriorate, rot and blow away as dust in the wind.  Meanwhile, he hooks up with Pat Conley, who is most likely a double agent for Hollis, the arch rival of Runciter Associates.

Eventually, I had a complete screenplay in my head, but nowhere to take it.  I hope that Michel Gondry can take UBIK to the big screen.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Michel Gondry:

“Are you still going to adapt Philip K Dick’s Ubik?” we asked. “I’m not sure yet,” he said. “I’m still working on it, but it’s taking forever.”

In fact, Gondry still seems to hold a great deal of enthusiasm for Dick’s novel. “It’s a very strong and dark story,” he told us. “There’s a lot of surprises. The book takes you to places you don’t expect to go. It makes it very hard to adapt, so I’m a bit scared at the moment!”

Gondry did make it clear that Ubik wouldn’t be his next film (“I’m going to do another movie first, for sure”), but he did give us a hint as to what his next project might be. It is, he said, “A kids’ story about a road trip in France.”

So while the director isn’t exactly powering ahead with his proposed Ubik adaptation, it’s by no means a dead project, either. For now, our hopes of a Gondry-directed Philip K Dick movie are still very much alive.

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