A gift of golden sunshine

A gift from the Lord came into my hands today.  I was walking my little dog Taylor around the back yard this morning, when I spotted two huge ripe peaches on my tree.  I thought that it had stopped producing a couple weeks ago, but there they were, right in front of me.  So after walking Taylor, who has blessed this house for just three days, I had lovely peaches for breakfast.

Now, you might think that those peaches were a gift from God, and that is what I thought at first.  However, upon reflection, I realized that they were a sign pointing to the real gift:  Taylor.

She was given up by people who had her for three years, and I just happened to see her sitting in a crate at the groomer’s.  She seems to be a Terrier-Poodle mix, and she is smaller than my cat.  She makes up for her size with a big heart.

They said that she was housebroken, but I doubt that very much.  We can work on that.  What really needs work, however, is the way she shies away from men.  This poor little dog was abused at some point in her life, so she needs healing.

Taylor is a little gift of golden sunshine, and I will treat and care for her as well as I know how.