New from author & cover art wizard Nick Buchanan

Author and artist Nick Buchanan, who has produced the best cover art for several of my books, has just released a book of his own:

KING LEAR study guide with a difference.

“What Happens in Shakespeare’s King Lear” by Nick Buchanan provides a complete walk-through commentary exploring EVERY paragraph of this magnificent play. Word definitions are placed right next to the text in which they appear – so there’s no ferreting around in foot-of-the-page or back-of-the-book glossaries.

The play’s major themes are identified and explored and there are charts which indicate key moments in each character’s journey, together with a useful guide for playing Shakespeare (for actors and directors).

This guide is for EVERYONE – for those who love reading, for students – and even those new to Shakespeare. It includes the whole play with commentary. So, whether you are a casual reader, an enthusiast, an actor, a director, a scholar or a teacher (in a school, a college or a university) this is the definitive guide to King Lear.

It can be purchased from:

500 pages

Price: £16.99


Soon to be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble