“Cryptoscatology” author Robert Guffey guest on “Ancient of Days”

Monday October 7, 2013, author Robert Guffey discussed his book Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form.  Spending an hour on my internet radio program “Ancient of Days”, Guffey barely scratched the surface of this deep and frightening subject.  We plan to  have him back on a future program to delve more deeply into the effects of conspiracies and mind control on people and societies.

His book covers government psy-ops (psychological operations) programs, secret societies, science fiction and more.

Robert Guffey teaches at California State University, Long Beach, and he has several books of interest.  His mos recent work, Hollywood Haunts the World: An Investigation into the Cinema of Occulted Taboos, is currently looking for a publisher.

Cryptoscatology is available on Amazon at


Gufey also has a web site Cryptoscatology.

His fascinating interview on :Ancient of Days” is archived n Blogtalk Radio at