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Tomorrow, Monday September 9, 2013, “Ancient of Days” will explore the Neanderthal among us and Philip K. Dick’s novels The Simulacra and The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike.

The Neanderthal, once considered a human ancestor, is now considered an extinct side-branch of the genus Homo.  However, DNA evidence suggests that they did pass on some of their genes to Europeans and Asians through interbreeding with Cro-Magnon man (modern humans).   Phil feared that calling someone a “Neanderthal” was not so much an insult as a recognition that some people are “throw-backs” to the Neanderthal type.  I suggest that Neanderthals live among us because they are a hybrid between modern humans and another hominn creature, perhaps Homo erectus.

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On September 16, I have scheduled a guest.  Andrea “JFK Annie” Skolnik from the show “Stop of My Mom Will Podcast” will join me for a discussion of JFK assassination conspiracy theories.


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