Another kind of writing job, one that pays

Writers are like actors.  We wait tables, sweep floors and drive taxi cabs.  We also search for ways to make money with our writing skills, even if it means doing secretarial work or teaching.  I’ve done my share of typing and bookkeeping, along with writing business letters and promotional material.  I’ve taught business and technical writing, as well as creative writing.

One of the best writing jobs I’ve found is on the internet.

No, it is not one of those sites where customers view a dozen bids on a requested topic, and you end up making something like ten cents an hour, if you get the job at all.  This is different.  It is easy, and it pays, so long as you take it seriously as a writing job.

I’m talking about Epinions dot com, a site where you review products and services.  It is currently owned by Shopping dot com, another site where you can post reviews.

I have been writing at Epinions for more than 12 years, and it has been a wonderful experience.  They do not have an affiliate program, so I do not make a penny when you join.  However, I do recommend it to my writer friends.  We can review all sorts of products and services, from books and movies to groceries and pet food, plus travel services and destinations, web sites, video games and much more.

At Epinions, we rate each other’s reviews and add comments to help each other improve our writing.  You might get low ratings on your reviews when you first get your feet wet, but do not get discouraged.  Read the comments and use the suggestions to improve your work.  Not only will you improve your ratings, but you will also hone your writings skills in all areas.

Most of us have developed a conversational style to make our essays entertaining, but we also strive to include all the information needed to make a decision on whether to buy a product.  Epinions pays us, even when we do not recommend a product.    If it stinks, we are free to say so.

Here is a link to my Epinions profile, where I hope you will check out some of my reviews.  It’s a great site for writers.