Matrix and Terminator copyright infringement

In two films that the screenwriters and directors claimed were “inspired by” the works of Philip K. Dick, the Family Trust declined to sue for copyright infringement.

However, the woman who actually wrote both story lines did sue, and she won.

“According to Ms. Stewart, an articulate if enigmatic writer turned litigant — the Wachowski brothers stole her script for a science fiction screenplay and turned it into the mega hit that we know today as the Matrix (1999) which racked up billions worldwide.”


“Ms. Stewart claims (and the FBI concurs) that Terminator is also based on her seminal work (The Third Eye) and that it is, in fact, the prequel to Matrix. Initially, she was not aware of this infringement, not having seen Terminator. It was the FBI that informed her that Terminatorwas indeed part of the copyright infringement case and pursued a civil liberties case on her behalf. (Sarrah Connor who the Terminator relentlessly pursues in the film is Neo’s mother (Matrix). The case was ruled in her favor.”

This is a case where the “little guy” is winning, but the media are ignoring her.  Please share this information and the article where I found it.

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