Book review: Human +

Martin Higgins has produced a remarkable novel titled Human +, in which the issues surrounding transhumanism take on human dimensions.  He masterfully describes the people and places in his novel, although I sometimes question his word choices.  For example, 99 out of 100 readers will need to look up “tessellating”, which he uses in passing without explanation.  Surely, he could have gone on to describe it as a sort of mosaic.


If you are looking for car chases and explosions, this novel is not for you.  It is a deeply intellectual and spiritual look at the path to enlightenment.  Imagine Philip K. Dick’s novel VALIS, but with a happy ending.  Imagine Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey without HAL and without a space ship.  Before I read it, I was considering Theodore Strugeon’s More Then Human, but that was simply the result of being misled by the title, Human +.


Much of the story involves a detailed journey on the path to enlightenment, along with remote viewing, mental telepathy and more superhuman powers of the mind.


I found myself wondering whether and when the protagonist, David McKinley, would rebel against his teachers at Future Proof.  When would he return to his life as an artist, painting his pain in oil on canvas?


This book is a good read, although it could stand a bit more physical conflict.  Three stars out of five.


Recommended reading.


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