Is the Moon a space ship? How would we know?

If the Moon were a space ship, how would we know?

Those who have the means to explore that question refuse to do so.   NASA and ESA, among others, refuse to explore the data at hand, let alone to gather addition data, because they find the idea of the Moon as a space ship abhorrent.

Recent experiments in which the Moon was hit by objects, whether natural or artificial, have shown that the Moon rings like a bell, as if it were hollow.  But rather than explore that possibility, which they find abhorrent, established scientists have come up with an alternate theory about why it rings like a bell.  They have not explored their theory or the hollow Moon theory.  They consider the matter settled, since they can explain the data without resorting to the wild and crazy hypothesis of the Moon as a space ship.

The Moon does appear to have been placed where it is by some kind of intelligence, whether that intelligence was God or a space-faring race of intelligent beings.  It is in exactly the right position and orbital plane to create tides on the Earth, eclipses of the Sun and other phenomena which we often take for granted in our daily lives.

Established scientists insist that all this happened by accident, and they see no reason to explore the question of intelligent design, since they flatly reject any such possibility.

They have closed their minds, and they have deprived the interested public of any opportunity to explore it by gathering additional data.