A Kindred Spirit (book review)

The action begins with a military-style raid on a suburban house in San Rafael, California, an event that fans of Philip K. Dick will find familiar.  But there is much more to the story of ej Morgan’s novel A Kindred Spirit.


From Bishop Pike to VALIS, this mystery centers around a real Bible code, one that Phil attempted to decipher.  Niki Perceval, a young reporter on a mission, takes on the task of interpreting the clues that she finds along the way.


She knows that the world will end on March 10, 1982, but she insists upon living as if it would never end.  After all, the end of the world is only metaphorical, not literal. She meets the British astrophysicist who has caused a big stir about the planetary alignment, and she gets an exclusive interview.


While Niki enjoys the perks that come with landing a major story, Philip K. Dick lies dying in a hospital.  He will never meet Benjamin Crème or the Maitreya, he will never finish his Exegesis, and he will never see the planetary alignment that takes place on March 10, 1982.


Or will he?


Read A Kindred Spirit to find out.