A New Prospect, by Wayne Zurl, book review

You might expect a police procedural when the main character is the Chief of Police in a small town, but Wayne Zurl’s A New Prospect is more a murder mystery.  Sam Jenkins happens to be the Chief of Police, and he is a top-notch investigator.  He can talk and act tough or tender, whatever the situation and the people in it call for.  His experience in New York makes him rather overqualified for the job that he takes in the small town of Prospect, Tennessee.  It also ensures that he will be hired at a good salary.

The Prologue is required reading, and it is enjoyable as well.  Do not skip it.

The only “science fiction” in this novel is a woman’s wish for a time machine.  On the other hand, it is a great read and well-crafted mystery with seasoning sprinkled on top in the form of internet pornography and political corruption.

The car crash seems unrelated at first, but keep on reading.  Wayne Zurl knows how to weave the threads into a coherent story

It is a page-turner, well-written and engaging.  Not for children — sex, violence and incest.  Although the sexual content is not graphic, and the author has rated the book “PG”, I would give it an “R” rating for 17 and older.