Origins is going out of print; get it while you can

Origins Part One:  Thor’s Hammer is about to go out of print, to make way for the expanded epic tale, Fallen Angels.  The story follows the survivors of interplanetary war as they struggle to rebuild civilization on a hostile planet where giant beasts roam through mountains, jungles and deserts.  The prison planet Gaea, having survived the planet-destroying doomsday weapon, offers meager refuge for the people who fled their shattered home world.

In the midst of their efforts to survive, a new religion is born.


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"Origins is good stuff, real science fiction, unlike most of the bogus SF on the current market. . . .  I would say you not only have an alternate universe good for a sequel or two, but for a long series of novels and short stories.  Many a Grand Master has based a whole career on one or two private universes.”          ~~   Ray Nelson (co-author of Philip K. Dick’s The Ganymede Takeover)